Winning with Machine Learning

by Sajan Kuttappa – Content Marketing Manager

IBM is hosting 3 no-cost, face-to-face events in April designed to show how your current IBM investments can help you to easily embrace private, public, and hybrid cloud, and be ready for Machine Learning.

These events feature an executive keynote, “Winning with Machine Learning”, followed by sessions across 2 tracks:  Data Management and Data Analytics.

You will hear how to get more out of your existing investments, our product strategy and roadmaps, how to unlock the value of the data behind your firewall, and several other advancements in data management and data analytics. We will also share some practical tips on getting started with machine learning.

The Data Management track will feature a session on “Diversify your applications , Not your Databases”.  Today’s digital business depends on applications that engage customers in a personalized, real-time, and 24×7 manner. There is no shortage of database solutions that promise to enable these new applications and simplify the increasing challenges of “big data”, including streaming, open source, in-memory and NoSQL databases.  More diverse data should not mean more databases to manage. It’s time to say goodbye to complication and say hello to the new builder’s database solution. In this session, you will learn how DB2 enables a scalable, resilient, and flexible data management architecture that provides:

  • Real-time operational analytics through hybrid transactional and analytic processing (aka “HTAP”)
  •  Transparent data access across multiple databases using a common SQL engine
  • A foundation for continuously adaptive models using machine learning
  • A total cost of ownership model that maximizes your existing investments

Click on one of the URLs below for more details and to register for the event closest to you. All events begin at 10am local time.

Register now to attend April 11th in Dallas .

Register now to attend April 13th in Chicago.

Register now to attend April 18th in NYC.

How to Revolutionize Analytics with Next-Generation In-Memory Computing

lesking by Les King
Director, Big Data, Analytics and Database Solutions – Information Management, Software Group


We are now in the era of cognitive analytics. These are analytic processes that provide useful information with a timeliness which qualifies as “speed of thought”. More and more clients are leveraging the next generation of analytic computing to address business challenges which could never be handled before.

To understand this idea, here’s a fun video that explains this theory a little better and gives a real business example of exactly this: What do chicken dinners have to do with IBM?

As another example, just recently a few friends and I were looking for a coffee shop which had both WiFi and a table which was near a working power outlet. We were surprised to discover that a coffee shop in the area was analyzing the information from our mobile devices and was able to let us know that they had what we were looking for. Coffee shops are all over the place, but, that real time analytics and communication with us was what made the difference. The coffee shop doing this real-time analytics ended up getting our business.

What do the two business examples above have in common ? They both require the analysis of large volumes of information and to be able to take action on this information, very quickly. One of the key technologies allowing clients to accomplish this is in-memory computing. Hardware can handle an ever increasing volume of memory and processing power. There have also been amazing strides in the area of data compression. Vendors who provide the ability to analyze data, in memory, while compressed, will have a huge advantage with these analytic workloads.

An example of this would be IBM’s DB2 with BLU Acceleration. DB2 with BLU Acceleration provides an average of 10X ( 90% ) compression rates. This means 1 TB of data can be stored in about 100 GB of space. DB2 with BLU Acceleration stores data in memory in its compressed form, using less memory to store vast amounts of business data. More importantly, DB2 with BLU Acceleration can analyze this data while compressed. This combination of capabilities positions DB2 with BLU Acceleration as a key technology in the era of big data and cognitive analytics.

When you consider the business examples above, you can see the competitive advantage these companies will have. These next generation analytic infrastructures, which leverage in-memory computing, will allow these companies to grow their business and take clients from their competitors.

To hear another example of how this modernization of a company’s analytic infrastructure is helping solve real world business challenges, check out this upcoming webinar “How to Revolutionize Analytics with Next-Generation In-Memory Computing“, taking place on Sept 25 at 12:00 EDT .


Data Warehousing on the Cloud with BLU Acceleration

Adam Ronthal

Adam Ronthal – Technical Marketing, BLU Acceleration for Cloud, IBM

I recently took on a new role at IBM focused on technical marketing for BLU Acceleration for Cloud, IBM’s new cloud-based agile data warehousing solution.

Why cloud?  And specifically, why analytics in the cloud?  Analytics, long recognized as a competitive differentiator has traditionally required significant resources — both in skills, and capital investment to enter the game.    Most on-premise data warehouses usually have at least a six-figure price tag associated with them, with many implementations costing millions.  And while you do get significant value and performance with an on-premise implementation, that capital investment means longer procurement lead times, and longer lead times in general to ramp up an analytics project

Cloud computing represents a paradigm shift… now even small organizations with limited budgets and resources can access the same powerful analytic technology leveraged in the most advanced analytic environments.  BLU for Cloud is a columnar, in-memory solution that brings appliance simplicity and ease of use for data warehousing and analytics to everyone — all for less than the price of a cup of coffee per hour.[1]

BLU for Cloud is perfect for:

  • Pop-up Analytics Environments – need a quick, agile data warehouse for a temporary project?  Put it in the cloud!
  • Dev/Test Environments – Yes, it’s compatible with the enterprise databases already in use within your organization because it’s based on DB2, an industry standard!
  • Analytic Marts – Augment and modernize your existing data warehouse infrastructure by leveraging cloud flexibility
  • Self Contained Agile Data Warehousing – leverage BLU for Cloud for almost any analytics application

Come find out more at my PULSE and TDWI sessions in Las Vegas next week!

At PULSE:  Tuesday, Feb 25, 5:00pm at the Expo Theater

At the TDWI World Conference:  Wednesday, Feb 26, 12:35pm

Or check out the BLU for Cloud website at for more details.

[1] To be fair, we’re probably talking Starbucks, not Dunkin Donuts…

More on the author – 
Adam Ronthal has worked in the technology industry for over 19 years in technical operations, system administration, and data warehousing and analytics. In 2006, Adam joined Netezza as a Technical Account Manager, working with some of IBM Netezza’s largest data warehousing and analytic customers and helping them architect and implement their Netezza-based solutions. Adam led the team to write the Netezza NZLaunch Handbook, a practical implementation guide for IBM Netezza customers, and served as editor of the final guide. Today, Adam works in technical marketing for IBM’s Cloud, Big Data, and Appliance offerings. Adam is an IBM Certified Specialist for Netezza, and holds a BA from Yale University.

Here’s an interesting video on BLU for Cloud :