Simply Powerful and Flexible – IBM Informix on Cloud




by Pradeep Muthalpuredathe

To make sense of the avalanche of data generated today, you will need to put the data to work. The more you do it, the better the outcome. But the cost of storing and managing the data on premise grows very fast along with growing infrastructure and operational cost. Add to that the cost and challenge of scaling your requirements to match your needs – and pretty soon it all starts getting overwhelming.

IBM recently launched the Informix on Cloud, a hosted cloud service on IBM Bluemix, running on IBM SoftLayer Cloud infrastructure – just to address these challenges. Available in configurations (sizes) to suit your every business need, IBM Informix on Cloud builds on the tried and tested capabilities of Informix Advanced Enterprise server. Besides the OLTP and OLAP capabilities of Informix, you can take advantage of industry leading technologies like TimeSeries, Spatial, NoSQL, along with the high-performance, being delivered at a very low total cost of ownership.

You can have your current on premises applications connect to Informix on Cloud and continue your current operations while getting the benefits of Cloud. You can also build your analytics applications using other Bluemix services which will integrate seamlessly with Informix on Cloud, thus delivering data visualization, executive dashboards, predictive analytics and streaming analytics capabilities, all on the same platform. The table below will help describe this better –

Synergy Area Use Cases Description
Predictive Analytics Predictive analytics solutions for different industry use cases, including manufacturing, transportation, insurance, weather related use cases Predict and plan maintenance requirements, eliminate unplanned downtimes, avoid accidents/disasters, by using historic data to look into models and patterns, to predict behavior, potential failures/outages, etc..
Watson Analytics Data visualization, dashboards and infographics, automate predictive analytics Gain and share insights from the data in the Informix repositories, trigger actions based on events and find answers to business questions
Spark Analytics Complex in-memory (lightning fast) analytics from hybrid data stored in Informix, and take advantage of machine learning capabilities Spark Analytics provide big-data analytics capabilities for deeper analytics for data in Informix on Cloud, real-time insights on streaming data to Informix
Dataworks Move data from multiple sources to the Informix on Cloud service, cleanse and visualize data, to improve quality of data and deliver accurate insights Access to data from a hybrid source, a proven way to move data to Informix on Cloud


Streaming Analytics Real-time processing of massive amounts of unstructured and streaming time-series data to  Informix on Cloud service for operational data stores. Real-time analysis on data-in-motion, combined with TimeSeries analytics with Informix on Cloud


One of the most frequent concern/question about hosting data in the cloud is about security and privacy. With Informix on Cloud, your data is encrypted with industry standard algorithm, both while at rest in the database and in flight between the database and client applications.

Informix is uniquely positioned as the database of choice for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions – with its native support for time series, spatial and NoSQL data types. And its zero administration requirements, auto configuration and autonomic capabilities make it deeply embeddable in IoT edge analytic solution on gateway devices at the edge of IoT. With Informix on Cloud, you can now build a complete end-to-end IoT solution that combines advanced analytics in the cloud with edge analytics. You can take advantage of Informix’s industry leading replication capabilities and its in-memory query acceleration with Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA), to build a complete solution.

Whether you are a DBA, Application developer, CTO or CIO of your company, Informix on Cloud provides a simple, easy and secure option with a very low total cost of ownership (TCO), that more than meets your data management and analytics requirements. For more information, check out the Informix on Cloud web site .

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