Join Us For Our Next DB2 CrowdChat – DB2 Into The Future!


By Jason Burns
ITSO Social Business Manager for DB2

In the 20 years since DB2 was launched on the Linux, Unix and Windows platforms, the product has seen amazing transformations! It is used by database professionals around the world and continues to evolve and increase in popularity.

As we look forward to the next 20 years, our clients and partners will continue to play an important role in shaping the future of DB2. What is it you like about DB2? What features are helping you achieve your goals: from the reliability and safety that is core to database technology, to the power of accessing any kind of data faster than ever before.

In this month’s CrowdChat, we’re assembling a who’s who of IBM DB2 professionals to talk about what you like about DB2 and how you envision its future. Panelists include: Sam Lightstone, Kelly Schlamb, Ember Crocks, Amit Patel, Lynn Chou, and Iqbal Goralwalla.

Questions for this month’s CrowdChat include:

• FP5 was just released and included new features. Could you tell us more about this?
• BLU Acceleration is available on new platforms (Windows and zLinux). How will this broadened platform support help you and your clients?
• What benefits will I see if I use BLU Shadow Tables?
• What is new with the pureScale feature?
• How easy is it for a DB2 DBA to manage a pureScale environment?
• Security is a top business concern! How does native encryption help improve security in business?
• Does native encryption vary for operational reporting vs transactional data?
• In the past, it seemed that special hardware was required to run pureScale. Is that still the case?
• What are some of the best use cases you have seen for DB2 with BLU Acceleration?

What is a CrowdChat?
A CrowdChat is a free community virtual event platform that works seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to allow users to engage in an online conversation held at a pre-arranged time around a topic using a specific #hashtag. You can sign in using your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. It’s easy (and fun!) to participate in a CrowdChat.

Use your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook credentials to log into The chat can also be followed on Twitter using the hashtag #DB2. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, especially the developer community!

Date: Thursday, January 22
Time: 1:00 PM ET
Link to Chat:
Chat hashtag: #db2

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