Inside IBM Insight 2014: What You Need To Know About The dev@Insight Program


By Steven Miller
Data Maestro, Talent & Skills Ecosystem

Something new and interesting is taking place at IBM conferences this year.  Maybe you’ve noticed the dev@ events?  If not, let me tell you about dev@Insight.

IBM Insight is a meeting of minds for data and anaytics. Big data and analytics are necessary to help your team improve every decision, optimize every process, and inform every interaction.  dev@Insight is a developers and architect-specific program that takes place along-side the Insight conference to give you the know-how, skills, and best practices for you to harness this all-important data and analytics. This is your opportunity to build new skills, learn how to build serious mobile & cloud data driven applications, to get to know technology experts, and to network with peers.

Join the thousands of architects, scientists and practitioners who will share their insights, experience and expertise in more than 130 hands-on labs, sessions, workshops, Ignite® talks, hackathons and certifications.  Learn from leading data and analytics experts, work through technical exercises at your own pace, and explore innovative new technologies.

dev@Insight is open to everyone who attends Insight 2014 with a valid registration. 

For full details, click here.

The Sunday kick-off starts at 4:30pm. Monday’s night’s main event starts at 7pm. Wednesday night’s finale starts hosted by the Cloudant team starts at 5:30pm (registration required).  Beer will be served at the evening events.

Book your build consult or hands-on lab now:

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