Must See at IBM Insight 2014 – DB2 HADR with pureScale in SAP Systems

aliBy Ali Mehedi
SAP DB2 Integration and Support

We’re less than a week away from IBM Insight 2014, and although I’m not going to Vegas, I’m still very excited about some of the session offerings being taught by a few of my colleagues from the IBM and SAP worldwide joint development team.

As you probably already know DB2 10.5 supports High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) on a pureScale environment. How exciting is that! It was our team’s responsibility to test and certify the feature for SAP environment. DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release” was certified for SAP on October 17th and is now available to customers.

I have had the privilege to work with my colleagues Catherine Vu and Edgar Maniago on a white paper on HADR on pureScale environment for SAP which can be found here. Some of the items from the paper will be presented in the Hands on Lab Session “LCI-5110A: Study of HADR with DB2 pureScale in SAP Systems“.

It is exciting to finally see the fruits of our labor being presented to customers on a big event such as IBM Insight.

DB2 HADR for pureScale with SAP is a complex environment involving multiple clusters of Application Servers as well as Database Servers but we made it surprisingly easy to setup and monitor. It will be exciting to see our customer’s reaction and get feedback about their hands on lab experience.

Other SAP related sessions you may wish to attend include:

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