Several Reasons for DB2 pureScale Users To Be Excited About IBM Insight

KellySchlambBy Kelly Schlamb
Executive IT Specialist, WW Information Management Technical Sales
DB2 pureScale & PureData System for Transactions Specialist, Competitive Insight


When I tell my friends I’ll be going to Vegas for IBM Insight, there’s a bit of eye rolling along with a sarcastic “yeah, sounds like hard work… say hi to the blackjack dealer for me”. But while there are some fun events associated with the conference (a No Doubt concert, evening receptions, and keynotes involving Kevin Spacey and Grant Imahara from Mythbusters) it is really about the “work”, and in my case it’s helping evangelize DB2 pureScale and other great DB2 technologies (and as odd as it might seem to some, I do actually find this fun as well).

For those of you attending — or still on the fence trying to decide whether it’s worth going or not (hint: it is!) — I’d like to quickly highlight some of the pureScale-related sessions that you will be able to attend while there (among hundreds of other ones). The first two below are mine, but overall there’s a good mix of IBM speakers (giving you insight and behind the scenes info on how things work that you won’t hear anywhere else), as well as DB2 pureScale users who are going to talk about their personal experiences and how they’re using pureScale to meet their high availability, scalability, and performance demands.  I’ve got them all on my own personal agenda and I’m looking forward to seeing them.

IDB-4158A: A DB2 Database Administrator’s Guide to pureScale
IDB-4159B: IBM DB2 pureScale: Highlights of New Features and Enhancements in DB2 10.5 (Including Fix Packs and the DB2 Cancun Release)
IDB-4335A: Reducing the Data Center Footprint and Improving Service Level Agreement with IBM DB2 pureScale
IDB-5158A: Best Practices of Implementing IBM DB2 pureScale with a High Availability Disaster Recovery Solution
IDB-5361A: IBM DB2 pureScale Now: Optimizing Your SAP Availability and Scalability with Ease
LCI-5110A: Study of HADR with DB2 pureScale in SAP Systems

If you are going to Insight, safe travels and stop by one of my sessions to say hi. Take care.

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