Nothing Endures But Change – Face it With Confidence.

RadhaBy Radha Gowda
Technical Marketing, IBM Analytics

When faced with change, do you share Dilbert’s frustration (take a look at this Dilbert comic and you’ll see what we mean)?  Wait… don’t be fecklessly hopeless yet!  We understand that keeping up with competition and customer expectations in this constantly changing global economy requires you to continuously enhance products and services.   While change can bring in a wealth of new business opportunities, we also realize implementing these changes may cause a lot of grief, including production delays and deployment day disasters.

To put this in perspective, according to a survey from the Ponemon Institute that is sponsored by Emerson Network Power, the average cost of data center downtime across industries is $7,908 per minute (Survey-Infographic).

OWRFrom a data management perspective, we have a proposal to manage the change –  IBM InfoSphere Optim Workload  Replay.  This tool offers you the ability to capture actual production workload including workload concurrency, the order of SQL execution, all the input variables, and the workload characteristics that are needed to later replay the workload.  It even includes how long the statements ran, what was the SQL code that resulted etc.  You can then replay the captured workload in your pre-production environment and record the outcome.

This comprehensive set of inputs and outputs on both the original and the replayed versions lets you compare and verify if you are getting the same performance in your pre-production environment as you did earlier in production environment.  You can capture millions of SQL statements that run over a period of time in production and analyze how well they fare when replayed in a pre-production environment.

Some of the use cases where you may benefit from Optim Workload Replay are performance and stress testing, database upgrades/migration, on-going database maintenance, capacity planning, introducing new applications, platform consolidation, and periodic disaster recovery validation.

We invite you to check out IBM InfoSphere Optim Workload  Replay page and browse through the solution brief, white paper and more.

Change can be scary, but you now have a reason to smile.

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