Rapid Insight With Results: Harnessing Analytics in the Cloud

basirBy Basiruddin Syed
DB2 Social Marketing Manager

“It’s Now or Never” is a popular song recorded by Elvis Presley and the lyrics of this song seem to appeal to us now more than ever. Every day we are making decisions in our lives, both personal and financial. We are often seen contemplating which holidays to book, is this right time to invest, etc. We are constantly making decisions and our decisions are based on information, user reviews, and recommendations.

When individuals are facing such pressure to make quick decisions, Imagine how much harder it must be for larger organizations.

Decision-making can be regarded as the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities.

Individuals are facing a lot of pressure to make rapid decisions and choose the best course of action within a short span of time, and it much more difficult when the time drastically reduces for organizations who’s needs are much higher and the time frame is compressed.

Today’s data-driven organization is faced with magnified urgency around data volume, user needs and compressed decision time frames. In order to address these challenges, Organizations are exploring cloud based BI and analytical technology to accelerate decision making and enhance business performance.

Find out more on how organizations are making this possible “Rapid Insight with results: Harnessing analytics in the cloud”



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