I’m Your Big Data Problem: Integrate THIS!

RachelBlandby Rachel Bland
Senior Product Manager, IBM Business Analytics Growth Initiatives

Let’s take a look at my profile. Gen X-er. Young kid, busy job, work-life integrated. I will not answer your online surveys, I won’t even answer the phone unless I know who it is because if you really knew me you’d send a text. I don’t listen to voice mail – too disruptive.

I dare you to find me, understanding me, and approach me. The only information you are going to get is spread haphazardly all over the web. My likes and dislikes are out there if you’re looking.

Where is it all?  Amazon has a slice, a big slice of very relevant purchasing info, so does Zappos. UPS and Fedex visit my house every day. Fitbit and MyFitnessPal are my most frequently updated apps. Yahoo has my personal email, Gmail is my dumping ground for spammers. Facebook is my personal life, LinkedIn and Twitter have my professional life. Comcast provides my phone and internet service but keeps calling me looking for someone else.

Sure, I’m difficult, but I’m still a pretty attractive, albeit elusive consumer. I have a good income, a house that needs some work, a penchant for retail therapy, and a pretty decent appetite for convenience products and services. If you’ve got something I want, deliver free, and take returns by mail; there’s a good chance I’ll give you a chance. If only you could read my mind and figure out what I’ll buy next!

This is small example of the tremendous amounts of customer data available to businesses. How you get that data and what you do with it is what will separate the haves from the have nots. In order to truly know your customers and your market segment, you have to do the work.

The reality is that the possibilities to tap into new markets, identify innovative efficiencies and just run better and smoother are there; what’s also very real is the perception that the technical challenge is insurmountable. Well, not so much.  We’ve learned a lot in the past few years as the wealth of information from analysts and vendors demonstrates. The IBM Institute for Business Value has blue prints to help you identify the opportunities for value, and industry experts like Tony Curcio and Ray Wang from Constellation Research can provide you will best-practices for the steps along the way.


Spend an hour with us on September 11th and hear what experts Ray Wang and Tony Curcio have to say:

Successful Big Data Projects require Big Data Integration, since most Hadoop initiatives involve collecting, moving, transforming, cleansing, integrating, exploring, and analyzing volumes of disparate data.

Register for this webinar to learn about:

  • The current state of the Big Data market
  • Customer success stories with Big Data and Big Data Integration
  • The 5 best practices when it comes to Big Data Integration

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