Introducing the IBM BLU Acceleration Hub

John Park-pic

John Park , Product Manager – DB2, BLU Acceleration for Cloud.

Hemingway once wrote “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typerwriter and bleed” — he also wrote — “The best way to find out if you trust someone is to trust them.”

So when Susan Visser “pinged” me on IBM’s venerable Sametime system asking me to blog for the launch of my immediate response was “I don’t blog, I only know how to post pictures of my pets and kid to facebook” she responded, “It’s easy, trust me”. Hence the quotes.

So here I am, and who am I? Well, my name is John Park. I am an IBM’er, I am a DB2 Product Manager and as of today, I am a blogger (?).

My IBM life has revolved around the DB2 and the analytics space, starting off as a developer building the engn_sqm component (think snapshot, event monitor and governor) – so if your stuff is broke – its probably my fault.

Then I moved into the honorable realm of product management, leading the charge on products such as Smart Analytics Systems, PureData for Operational Analytics and now BLU Acceleration for Cloud … which is why I guess I’m here.

On a personal note, I like to build stuff – specifically I like to build cool stuff, and BLU Acceleration is freak’in cool. When I think about the significance of this technology I recollect back to fixing Version 7 of DB2, building V8 and my last piece of code in v9.5. All along the way the DB2 team building features and products which helped our customers and our users, use DB2.

Personally, I see BLU as a convergence point, the pinnacle of where all the years of engineering and thought leadership have finally come to “eureka”.  Let me guide you in my thinking …

Autonomic features such as Automatic Maintenance, Self Tuning Memory Management and Automatic Workload Management were all incremental steps along DB2 Version releases, each fixed a problem the DB2 user had and improved the usage of DB2

DB2’s compression story started with row compression, index compression, then went to adaptive row compression and now to actionable compression and with each compression story a better value proposition to the DB2 user.  (Note that the word compression is used is 6 times!)

DB2’s performance optimization journey went from database partitioning and MPP to table and range partitioning, continuous ingest, multi-temp and workload management, making DB2 a leader in performance across all workloads.

Usability in its simplest form, value driven compression and unprecedented performance, are the three key tenets to the development of BLU. These features improved DB2 incrementally between versions, and as the product incrementally grew, our engineers experience and creativity expanded. With BLU we see these features and the knowledge gained from developing these features transform and support the simplest statement I have ever seen in enterprise software – “Create, Load and GO”. Simply amazing.

Welcome to the world, “”, for the readers, enjoy the ride, this is the first step in a new direction for data management and technology. I haven’t even talked about BLU Acceleration for Cloud ….

Until then, here is a picture of my cat.

John Park

3 Responses to Introducing the IBM BLU Acceleration Hub

  1. Bill says:

    You’ve got what it takes to be a blogger. Congrats! Nice text.

  2. db2guys says:

    Yes, he does! I hope he writes for us more often!

  3. IsItACat says:

    Looks more like a raccoon than a cat to me 🙂

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