A BLU Valentine


Vineeth George Abraham
Product Marketing, Data Management, IBM

Valentine’s Day is here, once again. A day to celebrate love – be it with family, friends or partners. A day to take a break from the mundane and spend time with the ones you care about.

For a day, everything seems possible when you celebrate that feeling of togetherness and endearment that we term as love. But if you are anything like me, there’s a part of this day that you’ll always dread. Why?

Deciding on a gift or an experience for someone close to me,  is not an activity that I’m terribly excited about. It’s not because I don’t care. Au contraire! It’s because I invariably  get confused while selecting something meaningful; and this exercise turns out to be a lot harder eventually , than it initially looks.

There’s a ton of options out there. But, what gift or gesture would have the most meaning? This struggle with choice rears its head like clockwork, on every birthday and anniversary too. I’d be thrilled  just to get a useful suggestion, when faced with this situation.

At least, it’s highly improbable that you’ll forget Valentine’s day, unlike some birthdays or anniversaries. You will get reminders in passing during your coffee breaks, your lunches and even in general water-cooler conversations. The steady stream of messages through various media, and the general buzz in the air makes sure that only hermits probably somewhere in the Himalayas or the Andes stay oblivious to the effects of Valentine’s Day.
Phew, that’s a minor relief. Forgetting one of these days might get you the cold shoulder treatment for a while. Brrr…. Now that I think about it, a stint in the Himalayas for a week might actually be a bit more bearable!

I digress… Now where was I? Ah yeah…Plans, gifts.When I think of experiences, I tend to oscillate between extremes before finally settling somewhere in the middle. Do something adventurous (skydiving, ‘jumps’ to mind) or stick closer to terra firma, with a dinner and a movie?

The interesting bit is that all the hints and signals, for a great experience were probably shared with you. If you had paid attention to all the conversations, the tweets, the calls, the glances, a comment made in passing you’d have had your answer.

It’s in times like these, that I’ve come to yearn for an assistant like Jarvis, from Iron Man. Imagine how useful he’d be. A voice in your ear : ‘Sir – from my analysis of your phone calls, Facebook, twitter, credit card transactions etc. etc…. there’s a high probability that he/she would be thrilled to go 1-Spelunking or 2-dancing!’  Dancing it is, then! Problem solved, in seconds. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could call upon someone like that in your daily life?

Let’s see what happens in an enterprise environment.

The amount of data that an average enterprise generates and sifts through is huge, in Peta/Zeta bytes! What if there were a way to crawl quickly through all that data – get useful nuggets of information and meaningful insights?

It’s not just enough that data is stored efficiently. It should be easily available to access, manipulate and compare. The right insight at precisely the right time can be a game changer in most industries.

With DB2 and BLU Acceleration – IBM can deliver just that. Part of the larger Watson Foundations solutions, BLU Acceleration in DB2 will help you get better insights faster.  What’s great about DB2 and BLU Acceleration is that along with the robustness and great compression that you’ve come to expect for transactional workloads, you can now have faster analytics and data warehousing capabilities to boot. With it’s noSQL capabilities, DB2 can now deal with data in various formats.

Your data is secure, stored efficiently and you can derive insights extremely quickly.  With a cloud solution for BLU Acceleration, data warehousing capabilities can now be accessed easily with as little overhead cost as possible.

Sometime in the near future I am sure that a portable system similar to Jarvis, with BLU Acceleration DB2 and a host of IBM technologies in the background, will be reality. The IBM Watson programme is a certainly a leap in the direction of cognitive computing.

Here’s an interesting Valentine’s Infographic on Data Management and BLU Acceleration. Enterprises could do with a bit of love too. Share the love – and the infographic!

6 More ways to love Big Data

In the meanwhile, let me get back to prepping for 14/2/14…

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