DB2Demo – Updated for DB2 10.5!

George baklarz

George Baklarz – Program Director, DB2 presales , IBM

Trying to demonstrate what a database does is rather boring. It stores data. It retrieves data. Sometimes it does it in clever ways, but at the end of the day it’s just manipulating data. Which is where DB2Demo comes in.

DB2Demo is a tool that I wrote a dozen or so years ago to try and demonstrate some of the functionality within the DB2 database. New concepts, clever SQL, performance enhancements – anything that made it into a new release. It made it easier to show how the features worked and made the feature “real” instead of a slide in a presentation. It even has examples of XML and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

The program has evolved over the years and now contains over 2000 examples of SQL. Stuff that you never knew you could do (or perhaps care about!). All that is needed is a Windows XP or Windows 7 system with access to a local DB2 database. Most likely you have a copy of DB2 Express-C or similar version on your laptop so the installation is pretty simple. You download and install DB2Demo, make sure you have DB2 installed locally on your system, and then start the program.

If you’re connecting to a database on a server, you may need the IBM Data Server Runtime Client or the IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC and CLI (CLI Driver). You can get that from IBM.COM (see links below). Connecting to the database is pretty simple – database name, userid, and password and you’re connected.

For best results, I’d recommend having your own DB2 database installed locally on your system. That way you can play with the database and try things out without impacting other users (they may not like you dropping databases, etc…).

So once you are connected, the program will open up a list of SQL that you can play with – everything back to Version 1 of DB2 LUW. While the documentation (yes, there is documentation!) is pretty thorough, I’ll take you through a tour of how to use the demo in another segment.

For now, enjoy demonstrating a database for once!



CLI Driver

George Baklarz has spent 28 years in IBM working on various aspects of database technology. From 1987 to 1991 he worked oon SQL/DS as part of the product planning department, system test team , performance team and application development group.

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