Analytics at breakthrough speed on Power Systems

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Greg Fry, Power Systems Global Marketing

Unless you’re living under a rock, by now you’ve seen, heard about and/or experienced the “explosion of data.”  Social, mobile and cloud technologies are fundamentally changing how we work and interact, and in the process contributing to staggering growth in digital content.  Businesses are naturally looking to uncover insights within large quantities of information, and those that do are gaining a competitive advantage.  IT departments are tasked to deliver analytics and make sense of this data, but also must control costs.

Fortunately, DB2 with BLU Acceleration truly represents a new breed of data management innovation.  Thanks to IBM Research and Development Labs, BLU Acceleration technology provides speed and simplicity for analytics and reporting workloads like never before.  For our clients, this means typically 8 to 25 times faster insights from more data to make better decisions – to improve customer experience, reduce risk and improve the efficiency of operations (just to name a few).

Here is a quick rundown of the unique combination of innovations built into BLU Acceleration Technology in DB2 10.5.

1)  Dynamic In-Memory columnar processing speeds processing of terabytes of data compressed to fit in memory, with the intelligence to dynamically move data from storage as it is needed.

2)  A patented actionable compression technique saves storage space as order is preserved, avoiding the need to decompress data to process it.

3)  Parallel vector processing spreads work across multiple processor cores and allows a single question to stream through multiple data sets.

4)  Intelligent data skipping is built in that flags data relevant to your query and automatically skips processing irrelevant data.

Combining IBM DB2 software and IBM Power Systems based on the IBM POWER7+ processing architecture will help your organization maximize the value of its data – faster than the competition.  Let’s “peek under the hood” and look at why running DB2 with BLU Acceleration on Power Systems offers such optimized performance.

First, DB2 automatically leverages the massive hardware parallelism of POWER7+ architecture.  POWER’s multicore parallel processing and large memory bandwidth speeds up analytics.  DB2 also exploits POWER features like larger page sizes.  Lastly, Power Systems are reliable, ensuring high availability to minimize unplanned downtime.

The recently announced IBM BLU Acceleration Solution – Power Systems Edition reduces deployment time and effort through pre-installed and pre-optimized server, storage and software.  This system is optimized for DB2 BLU, and runs AIX and PowerVM for outstanding security in a virtualized environment.  It supports faster analytics from a sub-terabyte data warehouse up to a 10TB data warehouse with a single server node – with even more capacity planned in the future.  And it’s highly scalable with Capacity on Demand (CoD) so that you can upgrade your system without powering down the server.

To hear from IBM client Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated on lessons learned from their testing of DB2 with BLU Acceleration on Power Systems, view the recent webcast sponsored by IBM and InformationWeek – A Simple and Affordable Path to Speed of Thought Analytics.

You can ask your IBM Representative or IBM Business Partner for more information.  To learn more visit our website or come join in on the conversation at:

–        IBM Power Systems Twitter

–        IBM Power Systems Facebook

–        IBM Power Systems LinkedIn

About Greg Fry
Greg has worked in marketing in the B2B tech industry for 7+ years.  Currently on the IBM Power Systems Global Marketing team, he is focused on Big Data & Analytics on IBM Power Systems.  Greg enjoys exploring how technology transforms the way we live, work and interact.  He is a big Philly sports fan and lover of music.

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