I Love Seeing the Looks on their Faces…

steve astorino

Steve Astorino, Program Director, DB2 LUW – User Technology

Think about this. You have your entire IT team running around trying to figure out how to speed up your DBMS. You are working crazy hours to tune this parameter and that parameter so that you can get some minuscule performance improvement, which in the grand scheme of things, seems to make almost no difference to your customers’ experience of your product or services. You feel good about having spent so many weeks, months and so many resources to get this little improvement…I have seen this happen over and over again…This is when I say STOP!! You need to step back and look at the bigger picture. Just because you have been using the same DBMS for the last ten years, it doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you.

I know users who have seen multiple times performance gains on their system by moving to DB2. Don’t lower your expectations to meet the performance of your DBMS. Instead, raise your DBMS’ performance to meet your expectations and your customer’s expectations. DB2 does exactly that!! When showing off DB2 to customers, I love seeing the looks on their faces when they observe these results. It’s pure shock. I know what they are asking themselves…Why didn’t we switch to DB2 before? And by the way the cost of moving to DB2 is very small compared to the ongoing cost and lack of performance you currently experience.

DB2 10.1 has even better features which drive your performance through the roof. There are significant performance improvements:

Enhanced query performance for a range of common SQL statements
Intra-partition parallelism improvements better utilize multi-core processors
Improved performance of star schema based queries
Improved query performance through more efficient data prefetching
Improved query performance on tables with composite indexes
Statistical views improve the accuracy of cost estimation for queries with predicates containing expressions
Runstats now supports index sampling
SQL compiler registry variables can now be set for a specific SQL statement or application
Enhanced memory sharing on large POWER7 systems running AIX

I was working with a customer recently and here is what they shared: after we switched to DB2 we got 44% performance improvement for batch/reporting processes, 71% improvement for backup jobs and 25% lower query response time….

A different customer shares: one of the standard SAP programs go from 30+ hours down to 2 hours, a 93% increase in performance.

Forget the minuscule 1% or 2% improvement!! And also think about the cost savings that would come along with these performance gains…

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Steven Astorino, BSc – Computer Science is a Program Director of DB2 Development overseeing Information Development, User Experience and DB2 Development. He has many years of experience in Databases including DB2 as well real time Database Replication. He began his career as a developer and has held a vast range of roles from software development and quality assurance to information development and user experience. Early in his career, Steven has spent several years working with network testing technologies for the Telecom Industry and played a key role in providing VoIP testing solutions. High quality, efficiency and customer focus are amongst his highest goals and directives to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction and experience.You can reach him at: astorino@ca.ibm.com.

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